User Agreement

  • Настоящее Пользовательское Соглашение (далее Соглашение) регулирует отношения между (далее UNLOCK.CENTER или Администрация) с одной стороны и пользователем сайта с другой. 
  • Используя сайт, Вы соглашаетесь с условиями данного соглашения. 
  • Если Вы не согласны с условиями данного соглашения, не используйте сайт UNLOCK.CENTER.
This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the relationship between (hereinafter referred to as UNLOCK.CENTER or Administration) on the one hand and the user of the site on the other. 

The UNLOCK.CENTER website is not a media outlet.

By using the site, you agree to the terms of this agreement. 
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not use the UNLOCK.CENTER website.

Registration on the website:
Register using a valid email address.
Log in to your account and add funds using Binance Pay or by transferring funds to a Sberbank card. The minimum balance replenishment amount is 10 USD.
Go to the "Place an order" page to order the desired service.
Please read the description of the service, the price and the terms of the work.
After you place an order, you will need to wait for it to be processed.

Website Usage Information:
There is no cancellation option for any orders when they are processed by the supplier.
In some cases, providers may have delays. Cancellation is not possible until the supplier completes or rejects the order.
Refunds are not made for already unlocked devices or for processing with another provider while your IMEI is being processed with us.
Please make sure you have placed the correct order. Example: do not specify the wrong carrier in any service.
Ordering an iPhone Carrier unlock does not remove the iCloud lock, so check your IMEI before paying for unlocking the network.
In 0.1% of cases, if your IMEI has become the subject of insurance fraud or other illegal activity, the telecom operator can re-block your iPhone. In this case, when the device is blocked again, the funds are not returned.

User groups and prices:
By default, all users receive wholesale prices for all our services.
To get the best price, you have to be a regular customer.
- RESELLER group (wholesale prices) is received by default by all users of the site.
- VIP group (the best prices) are received by users when depositing an account in the amount of at least 1000 USD.

Order verification:
Did you receive an incorrect unlock code, incorrect information, or is the iPhone not unlocked?
Send a message about the problem to the mail no later than 3 days from the date of order fulfillment.
All claims exceeding this time will not be verified.

Refund Policy:
Since we mainly work only with regular, corporate clients and provide the wholesale cost for all our services by default, no refund is made from the account balance. If you need to order one service, contact the site administrator to make a retail application.

APi Access:
If you need to use our services on your DHRU website, contact us to activate the APi.

Rights and obligations of the parties

The user has the right to:
Receive information on the site.
Use the site information for personal purposes.

The Administration has the right to:
At your discretion and the need to create, change, cancel the rules.
Restrict access to any information on the site.
Create, modify, delete information.
Delete accounts.
To refuse registration without explanation.

The User undertakes to:
Do not disrupt the functionality of the site.
Do not commit actions aimed at misleading other Users.
Do not transfer your account and/or login and password of your account to third parties for use.
Do not register an account on behalf of or in place of another person, except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Do not use scripts (programs) for automated collection of information and/or interaction with the Site and its Services.

The Administration undertakes:
To maintain the functionality of the site, except in cases when it is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Administration.

Responsibility of the parties:
The Administration is not responsible for the discrepancy between the services expected by the User and the services actually received.
The Administration does not bear any responsibility for the services provided by third parties.
In the event of a force majeure situation (hostilities, state of emergency, natural disaster, etc.), the Administration does not guarantee the safety of the information posted by the User, as well as the uninterrupted operation of the information resource.

Terms of the Agreement:
This Agreement comes into force for any use of this site.
The Agreement ceases to be valid when a new version of it appears.
The Administration reserves the right to unilaterally change this agreement at its discretion.
In case of any change of this agreement, the administration will notify users in a convenient way for it.

Пользователь имеет право:

Получать информацию на сайте. Использовать информацию сайта в личных целях.

Администрация имеет право:

По своему усмотрению и необходимости создавать, изменять, отменять правила. Ограничивать доступ к любой информации на сайте. Создавать, изменять, удалять информацию. Удалять учетные записи. Отказывать в регистрации без объяснения причин.

Пользователь обязуется:

Не нарушать работоспособность сайта. Не совершать действия, направленные на введение других Пользователей в заблуждение. Не передавать в пользование свою учетную запись и/или логин и пароль своей учетной записи третьим лицам. Не регистрировать учетную запись от имени или вместо другого лица за исключением случаев, предусмотренных законодательством РФ. Не использовать скрипты (программы) для автоматизированного сбора информации и/или взаимодействия с Сайтом и его Сервисами.

Администрация обязуется:

Поддерживать работоспособность сайта за исключением случаев, когда это невозможно по независящим от Администрации причинам.

Ответственность сторон:

Администрация не несёт ответственность за несовпадение ожидаемых Пользователем и реально полученных услуг. Администрация не несет никакой ответственности за услуги, предоставляемые третьими лицами. В случае возникновения форс-мажорной ситуации (боевые действия, чрезвычайное положение, стихийное бедствие и т. д.) Администрация не гарантирует сохранность информации, размещённой Пользователем, а также бесперебойную работу информационного ресурса.

Условия действия Соглашения:

Данное Соглашение вступает в силу при любом использовании данного сайта. Соглашение перестает действовать при появлении его новой версии. Администрация оставляет за собой право в одностороннем порядке изменять данное соглашение по своему усмотрению. При любом изменении данного соглашения, администрация будет оповещать пользователей удобным для нее способом.